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Sodium Reduction Grant
The Sodium Reduction Grant in Communities is a grant awarded to Shawnee County in 2010. This three-year grant was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and is designed to promote improved access to fruits, vegetables, and lower sodium foods, which in turn will create a healthier food environment for Shawnee County residents. This grant is in collaboration between the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Shawnee County Health Agency, and Heartland Healthy Neighborhoods.

The Sodium Leadership Team is comprised of many different community leaders and organizations across Shawnee County. Our challenge is to plan, coordinate, and implement intervention strategies aimed at reducing sodium intake. The team has devised several different intervention strategies aimed at reducing sodium intake. Some of the strategies include a study of Shawnee County residents, which analyzes sodium intake, a procurement initiative, a pricing strategy initiative, as well as a media campaign.

Achieving Sodium Reduction Through Pricing
The pricing work group is finding creative ways advertise and market lower sodium items within local convenience stores and grocery stores. This group is working with grocery store managers and convenience store owners to achieve this goal.

Informing the People
Another stage of this grant includes a media campaign targeted toward the general population. The campaign's goal is to increase awareness of cardiovascular disease risk factors associated with exceeding the recommended daily limit of dietary sodium and the promotion of heart healthy low sodium foods.

Purchasing Policies For Local Businesses
The sodium leadership team challenge is to promote procurement policies and practices to enhance nutrition including reducing sodium policies. Project staff is conducting a baseline assessment of current procurement policies of city and county departments, private businesses, and nongovernmental organizations with the hope of changing current policies that purchase food to meet revised dietary guidelines for sodium consumption.

Analyzing Actual Sodium Intake
The Sodium Intake Survey was conducted at the Shawnee County Health Agency in collaboration with Kansas Department of Health and Environment. The survey included a random sample of over 700 Shawnee County residents and was comprised of three components completed by participants which include a telephone interview, physical and clinical measurements, and a 24-hour food recall survey. All three data components are being analyzed and will be available in a final report.